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Quote Line 89
Service Provider Confidential
The service provider will be made known to you when you are contacted by a member of our Certified Sales Team.
Service Description Internet T1 - 1.5M x 1.5M
Provider Rating
Term 3 Year
This is the term of this contract, which is renewable upon completion. Many service providers offer significant discounts for longer term commitments.
Installation Fee $0.00
Router Included Yes
A Router is provided.
DNS Hosting Primary/ Secondary DNS Services
Features Included
Comprehensive Service level agreement
Performance reports delivered through a web-based monitoring tool
Any request to expedite an order requires approval
IPs /30 (2 usable) included
Additional addresses may be requested upon order entry at no charge.
SLA Service Level Agreement

Availability: 99.99%

Network Packet Delivery Service Level: 99.95%

Network Latency Service Level: Intra-North America = 50 ms

Availability Service Credit
Less than 5 mins = No Credit
5 mins to 43 mins = 5%
43 mins to 4 hrs = 10%
4 hrs to 8 hrs = 20%
8 hrs to 12 hrs = 30%
12 hrs to 16 hrs = 40%
16 hrs to 24 hrs = 50%
24 hrs or greater = 100%

Packet Delivery Service Credit
Packet delivery metrics
99.95% or greater = no credit
99.94% - 99.0% = 10%
98.99% - 96.0% = 30%
95.99% or less = 50%

Network Latency Service Credits
Delay Exceeding Network Latency Metrics
1-10 ms = 10%
11-25 ms = 30%
26 ms or greater = 50%

Local Loop $197.14
This is the amount of local loop, or the cost charged by the local telephone company to connect your premises to the carrier. This charge is included in the total Monthly Recurring Charge below.
Total $424.64
This is the total amount of Monthly Recurring Charges, including LOOP and PORT fees. This price is good through the end of March, 2020.